About Us

Hello and welcome to SC Goodies!
We're an online store based in sunny Los Angeles where you'll find unique butterfly jewelries and accessories for every taste and occasion. We source our items from around the world, working only with reliable suppliers so that you only receive the best quality product at the most affordable prices.
SC Goodies is inspired by the beauty of a butterfly and the positive message it brings. Whether you're a butterfly lover, or someone who simply adores unique fashion, take a look, we hope you'll find something you like here. <3


The girl behind SC Goodies:

Cindy, a Taiwanese girl who found her love for butterflies when she was 12. You see, when she was growing up in Taiwan, she moved around a lot with her family, including a move to the United States. Each move meant adapting to a new school, making new friends, and learning a new language. Butterfly became her spirit animal. She loved the messages it brings: a symbol of change, endurance of life and free spirit... inspiring her to keep growing, learning and finding her own wings.



Cindy's first butterfly jewelry:
A bronze butterfly ring that she still owns/wears today!